Informative Forbes article about men investing in women-founded ventures

June 18, 2016 Comments Off on Informative Forbes article about men investing in women-founded ventures

I wish my schedule had permitted me to join my Astia Angels colleagues at this year’s United State of Women (#StateofWomen) event in Washington. Convened by the White House, it brought people from all walks of life together to share ideas about advancing gender equality, a mission that’s very important to me. I’m also a firm believer in using entrepreneurship as a vehicle for making this happen.

Geri Stengel has just written a very informative article on the significant role that male angel investors can play in helping support women-led ventures. This is particularly urgent given that the vast majority of angel and venture investments continue to omit companies founded and/or led by women.



This gap was a big reason why I joined Astia Angels. I’ve long believed in – and witnessed first-hand – the power of diverse leadership teams. To support our quest to propel women’s full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, we draw on a diverse, far-reaching collection of highly talented investors, each with their own unique background, perspective, and relationships. If you’d like to learn more about Astia Angels including our investment philosophy, portfolio, and even becoming a member, please get in touch: I’m always happy to answer questions.

Glad to be joining Astia as a client advisor

November 16, 2012 Comments Off on Glad to be joining Astia as a client advisor

In my opinion, entrepreneurs make the world go around: they’re the real ‘job creators’, and I believe that we should be doing everything possible to encourage them. For example, through Kiva I’ve participated in more than a hundred loans to help up-and-coming businesspeople in the developing world. Over the years, I’ve also been fortunate to have firsthand experience working with some exceptional entrepreneurs in the US, Europe, and Asia. I’ve really enjoyed doing whatever I can to help them move their businesses forward.

In particular, I’ve witnessed the tremendous potential for women-led enterprises. I’m especially proud of the work that my wife has done to start and grow her successful business. Thus, I’m happy to have recently joined Astia as a client advisor. What’s Astia?

Astia is a global not-for-profit organization built on a community of men and women dedicated to the success of women-led, high-growth ventures and to the eradication of the need for the organization within the decade.

I’m looking forward to working with the Astia team and their entrepreneurs.

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