Another instance of a successful ROI calculator

December 17, 2012 Comments Off on Another instance of a successful ROI calculator

A while back I wrote about an ROI calculator that we created for Sybase at Think88. That calculator was meant to assist customers in determining the economic benefits of putting Sybase’s new compression capabilities to work in their data centers.

At WiseClouds, we help many customers design, develop, and test highly intricate distributed systems. One of the most important tools that we use is soapUI Pro. In fact, we believe in that product so much that we created a training course to help customers learn how to derive the most value from it.

During our engagements we always encourage customers to make the switch from the free version of soapUI to the professional version. After seeing the benefits of this upgrade in dozens of environments, we’ve come up with a concrete set of numbers that highlight these efficiencies from three viewpoints:

  1. Labor savings
  2. Time-to-market
  3. Software defect reduction perspective

We then used this information as the foundation of an ROI calculator to help showcase these advantages and thus justify the upgrade to soapUI Pro.


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