Easy-to-understand graph database tutorial

March 13, 2012 Comments Off on Easy-to-understand graph database tutorial

If you’re curious about Big Data, NoSQL, MapReduce, or Hadoop – and you’re in London – you might want to stop by the talk I’ll be giving next week. As part of my presentation, I’ll be describing three of the most popular database architectures: relational, hierarchical, and graph.

I’ve found that most developers and architects have experience with relational and hierarchical data stores, but graph data is something that’s relatively unfamiliar. Ironically, every time you interact with social networking platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, your experience is largely driven by what’s contained in massive graph databases.

To help give you a better idea of this interesting new way of storing and accessing data, check out this tutorial from LinkedDataTools.com. It presents graph databases in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner, and also explains how the semantic Web  (or Web 3.0 if you like) is built on this type of data.


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